"Service, Service, Service - That sums up Pam Rumley!

Dan & Elizabeth offer a review of Pam Rumley with Accent Properties

Dan & Elizabeth were looking for acreage and privacy, and it took almost a year to find their perfect home.

“Service, Service, Service – That sums up Pam Rumley!  Just like location, location, location are the 3 most important things in home ownership…service is the most important thing when selecting a true professional.  I did not want a ‘property lister’ nor a broker that pawns you off on a rookie in their office because they are too busy making a name for themselves, but rather a professional that would help and guide us.  We retained Pam as our Buyer’s agent as we were new to the area and wanted a professional that would not only point out issues with homes, but that would give great advice on local conditions and the local real estate market.

Pam was extremely patient with us as she worked with us for almost a year  after our initial one week blitz of showings did not locate a home for us.  She never gave up and showed us many properties.  Plus, when she got wind of the perfect home for us (a home that had nearly everything that we had on our ‘must have or want; list she went above and beyond to set up a quick showing that allowed us to get an agreeable offer accepted on our new home.  As anyone who is looking for real estate in this hot market knows, getting in early is critical as homes sell as fast as they come on the market in this area.

Pam did not fade away during the mortgage processing either.  She stayed on top of our mortgage broker, kept us in the loop as things progressed and was able to assist the mortgage broker when the bank rejected the appraiser’s initial appraisal as ‘sub-standard’.  Due to her knowledge and experience, Pam was able to work with the mortgage broker to get a few last-minute hiccups ironed out so that our closing could finalize.

Even after the sale was finalized, Pam has been there to assist with a post-closing seller issue.  As our family contemplates moving here, I can assure you that they will get a great referral to Pam from us.

There may be many real estate sales people,  but there is only one Miss Pam!  Thank you Pam Rumley for helping us find our beautiful homestead!

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