A delightful team that's hard to beat!

A New Job at Vanderbilt!

The Harris Family needed to find a home in Nashville Real Estate when Ben took a job at Vanderbilt.  Here’s their story:

“When we were preparing to move our family to Nashville so that I could take a job at Vanderbilt, I found the Accent Properties website while doing a Google search for home-school resources in Tennessee.  One of Pam Rumley’s many helpful relocation articles came up in the search results and the rest is history.  I emailed Pam for some information as I was making a solo scouting trip to the area.  She and Lisa graciously showed me around and helped to acquaint me with the metro area.  Later, with my wife Tandalee and our two little ones in tow, Lisa and Pam helped us to focus in on a safe, affordable, and family-friendly neighborhood that perfectly suited our needs.  From their help in finding an outstanding mortgage broker…to negotiating long distance and being present for the home inspection in our absence, they made the whole process more smooth and cheerful that we could have ever hoped for. 

When I comes to finding knowledgeable, good  humored, calm, and low pressure buyer’s agents, Pam & Lisa make a delightful team and will be hard to beat.  We wholeheartedly recommend their service”  

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