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How to Start a Hobby Farm

First things first.  Why do you want to start a hobby farm?  What skills do you have?  Are you handy with your hands?  How much money do you want to invest in it?  How much money do you want to make? Perhaps you want to retire but stay busy or supplement your income?  A Hobby Farm can just be a hobby – or it can provide you a nice income.  I’m here to help you look for the land or farm in your size and price range.  Sumner County TN is a great place to start.  It’s located in upper Middle Tennessee with a good growing season and mild temperatures.  Want to see zip code maps for the area?  You can buy a small acreage property with FHA and they have just increased their loan limits for this area.  I’ve provided you with a mortgage calculator if you need one.

Chickens on a Hobby Farm in Tennessee
Chickens are easy to raise and fun to have around.

Think about all these things.  Maybe you just want to get out of the city, then a Hobby Farm might be right for you and your family.  Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with a hobby farm.

Hobby Farm for Sale – Tennessee

How Many Acres do you Need for a Hobby Farm?

It all depends on what you want to do!  Here are a few hobby farm business ideas for very little land.  I’ll elaborate on these ideas later in this guide:

  • Grow and sell microgreens
  • Grow a small garden or have a greenhouse
Raspberry Jam made on a Hobby Farm in Tennessee
So easy to make and sell!
  • Grow herbs and/or flowers
  • Make chemical-free cleaning products
  • Grow succulents
  • Raise chickens
  • Raise rabbits
  • Beekeeping
  • Carve wood items
  • You will need more land for these:

    • Animals – Beef Cattle, Horses, Goats
    • Hay
    Bamboo Hobby Grove in Tennessee
    So easy to grow Bamboo.
  • Fishing
  • Christmas Trees
  • Bamboo
  • Large Gardening
  • It all depends on what you want to do.   Of course, you will need a barn if you want to raise cattle or horses.  I would suggest starting with things you enjoy doing and go from there.  I’ll help you find a Hobby Farm for Sale – Tennessee!  Just call my private number 615-428-8500.  I love hobby farms and would be excited to help you find yours!

    How to Make Extra Money on a Hobby Farm

    Quit the rat race, learn how to make extra cash on a hobby farm, and enjoy life.  Do what interests you and get paid for it.  It can be part-time or full-time depending on your lifestyle.  Let’s elaborate on some of the many ideas of ways you can accomplish your goals.


    As simple as using a spare room in your house.  Or a basement.  They are delicious and fast-growing.

    Tray of purple microgreens.
    Microgreens – Delicious!

    You can sell them to the public at farmer’s markets or directly to restaurants.  The investment:  You would need some grow lights, metal shelves, trays, nearby water source, and growing medium – and seeds, of course.  You can have a harvest in less than 2 weeks and start making money.


    Square Foot Garden in Backyard

    Gardens can be grown in square foot gardening boxes, greenhouses, plowed gardens, or even grown vertically to save space.  Your investment here is mostly work and paying attention to your crops.  For maximum growth, you have to have a sunny location.  Plants must be watered regularly and pest control is a must.  You can make grow boxes out of wood, concrete blocks, etc.  Be sure to mix fertilizer and compost with the dirt in these boxes.  *Tip:  Most tree service companies will bring you a truckload of wood chips for very little money – or even free.  These are ideal for use in your garden.   BUT remember to let them season out a few months before using them.  Have them delivered now for use next spring.

    If you can spend the extra money, it’s well worth it to enclose your garden with hardware cloth.  Then put bird netting across the top.  This will keep all the critters from eating what you have worked so hard to grow.  But, in addition to the wire enclosure, you’ll need to cover your brassica family vegetables with tulle.  You can get it at most any fabric store.  These plants include cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kohlrabi.  To keep them from being eaten alive, put the tulle over them as soon as you plant.  If you don’t, you’ll have plants that look like lace where the cabbage worms have eaten the plant.  There’s a cute little white butterfly that flies around and lays eggs on the plants and then leaves.  Then, soon you will have those nasty cabbage worms.

    How to Make Money on Your Garden

    So many ways!  You can sell produce at a farmer’s market.  Or sell to restaurants/grocery stores.  Make jams/jellies to sell to specialty stores, online, farmer’s markets, etc.  Don’t forget that you can film classes for YouTube.  Teach people what you know!

    You can grow flowers and herbs and sell them fresh or dried.  It’s easy to make soaps and lotions.  Salt scrubs sell very well at specialty stores.  People love homemade chemical-free products.

    Herbs to make Herbal Tinctures
    Fun to Make and so Healthy!

    Or make medicinal salves, tinctures, or bags of dried herbs.

    Mushrooms – Easy to grow and sell the same way your would sell your produce.

    There are people that make a ton of money selling succulents online.

    Beautiful succulents in small gray pots
    Succulents – Easy to Grow!

    These require very little work, and ship well.

    More Ways to Make Money with Your Farm


    Everybody loves chickens!  You can raise chickens and sell them – or sell eggs.  There are numerous breeds to choose from.  You could raise chickens for pets.  Kids love the little Silkies.  Or raise chickens that are prolific egg-layers.  Some lay white eggs, some brown – and some even lay multicolored eggs.  They require very little time and are fun to have around.

    Lady in backyard wearing a straw hat and surrounded my her chickens.
    Chickens – Fun and Easy to Raise!

    BUT you do have to protect them from predators.  You should have a coop that is safe for the chickens to roost in at night.  I always build a run for them with hardware cloth embedded in concrete about 12 inches into the ground.  Because those critters will dig under a fence in a heartbeat to get to those chickens.  The investment in chickens would be fairly small.  The costs involved would be building a chicken coop and run.  You can usually buy chickens for $15-$25 each.  I’ve always liked Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Reds for good egg-layers.  They like to have a place to take their bath every day.  I use an old tire and fill it with 1/3 each of wood ashes, sand, and diatomaceous earth.  This keeps them clean and insect-free.  It’s fun to watch the dust fly when they come out.

    Don’t laugh – but you can also sell chicken poop.  Yep, it makes great fertilizer.  Get some bags and fill them up – it’s free!


    Rabbits are very easy to take care of.  They breed and grow quickly.  Incubation time is only about 30 days.   They can be sold to pet stores or online for pets.  Again, it depends on the purpose and breed you choose – but meat rabbits are good money-makers.  Craigslist is a good way to sell rabbits.  Or, just like chickens, the rare breeds are very profitable.  And, don’t forget that rabbit poop also sells for fertilizer.


    You’ll need a good enclosure for goats.  They like to climb!  Many people that are allergic to regular milk can drink goat’s milk, so there is a definite market for it.

    Horses and Livestock!

    If you have the space, you could board horses for people who don’t have room for them.  You could also give riding lessons if you have the skill.  Or lessons on how to care for horses.  This would obviously require a larger hobby farm.

    Raising beef cattle or pigs for yourself or as a business is something that will require knowledge of the subject.  I’ve never done this, but I know a lot of people that make a good income from it.

    Hobby Farm Business Ideas

    Pam Rumley - Exclusive Buyer's Agent
    My motto! I believe that well done is always better than well said. As an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, I never try to sell you anything – but only help you find exactly what you are looking for! How may I help you today? Let’s find your Hobby Farm!  I’m just a phone call away…. 615-428-8500

    Let’s get creative and think about other ways to make money with your Hobby Farm for Sale – Tennessee.

    • Bees – They make a lot of honey that you can sell.
    • Fish – If you have a pond, you could let people come and fish for the day.
    • Crafts – Handy with your hands?  Carved wood items sell very well.  Or you could build rabbit cages to sell.  Could you build chicken coops?  Or chicken tractors?
    • Hay – If you have enough land, you could roll and sell hay a couple of times a year.
    • Christmas Trees – This is slower – but can be very lucrative once you get going.

    Here’s one most people don’t think about – but I love it.  BAMBOO!

    There’s a man over in Missouri that bought an old run-down farm and started planting different varieties of bamboo.  He now sells bamboo all over the world.  Can you even imagine all the uses for bamboo?

    • Building Materials
    • Furniture
    • Clothing
    Bamboo Forest Hobby Farm in Tennessee
    BAMBOO! It’s the very thing for a Hobby Farm!
  • Toys
  • Musical Instruments
  • Rugs
  • Diapers
  • Jewelry
  • Utensils…on and on!
  • A bamboo forest grows very fast, so get going!  Build yourself a website and you’ll be selling bamboo before you know it.

    And last but not least – you can make good money by blogging!  Find your niche and monetize what you know best.

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