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What is Disc Golf?

Is Disc Golf a golf game or a game of Frisbee?

Disc Golf Branson MO
Get the Disc into the Basket/Cage for Disc Golf in Middle Tennessee.

A little of both, I think!  The rules are similar to Golf but played with a disc (similar to a frisbee).  The objective is to put the disc into the target (basket/cage) with the fewest possible number of throws.  The lowest score wins.  It’s usually played in a public park free of charge.

Wikipedia tells us that it’s a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target, which is the basket.  The courses generally will have either 9 or 18 holes.


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What are the Different Discs?

There are three main discs to use in Disc Golf.  When playing, you should have a (1) Driver, (2) Mid-Range and a (3) Putter.  It’s always a good idea to carry 2 of each with you when you go out to play.  There are so many disc choices available, but ‘beginner’ sets are available until you know more about the sport.  Just grab a beginner set and go out and have some fun!  This game is good for single players or teams.  The idea is recreation!


Where to Play Disc Golf

  • Sanders Ferry Park – Hendersonville
  • Triple Creek Park – Gallatin
  • Richland Park – Portland

Disc Golf

Disc Golf What is Disc Golf? How to Play? What Equipment is Needed?

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