This article will give you no-nonsense, easy-to-implement ways to boost your home security for a lot less than you think! Studies show that 80% of burglars gain access to your home via doors and windows, so that’s where I concentrate most of the security solutions. It pays to do your homework and out-smart these criminals.

Stop this Guy BEFORE He Gets Into Your Home!!

Boost Home Security

The world that we live in is changing dramatically right before our very eyes! With many police departments either de-funded or reduced from mandates, we could be on our own in more ways than we ever dreamed possible. Did you ever imagine that we would see riots in our own communities? Stores being looted? And criminals being let out of prison? And courts allowing these criminals to go scot-free for any theft of less than $1,000? Madness!! Let’s take steps now to protect those we love!

The first thing to consider is your alarm system! Yes, I know – we all have been conditioned to believe they keep us safe. But do they really? Think about the fact that they are only designed to sound when someone breaks into a door or window. IT’S TOO LATE when the criminal is already in your house!

Even if the alarm company notifies the police, it could be 15-30 minutes before they get there to help you. You could be raped, stabbed, robbed, or killed in that length of time, and the criminal(s) long gone before help arrives. For me, this just isn’t acceptable! I want to make my home so hard to break into that it’s not worth it for the criminal.

So, I’ve done my research – and found that we can solve a lot of problems by ourselves without spending much money at all. Even with these home security tips, you have to remember to keep your doors locked even when you are at home. And train your children and family members to do the same.

Door Hinge and screws
These little short screws are all that is between you and an intruder!

Ways to Improve Door Security

1 – First and foremost – Go to the hardware store and buy some 3″ screws. Then remove all the screws in your door hinges (all exterior doors) and replace them with the long ones. This one thing will make it so much harder to break in through the door.

2 – Install a peep-hole in your door so you can see who is at your door before opening it. But, remember that if you can see out of that peep-hole, then someone can see back through it into your house. Buy one that has a cover over it that easily slides out of the way when you want to use it.

3 – Install a good quality deadbolt. Don’t buy the cheapest one at the home improvement store. This is your family’s safety we’re talking about. Schlage and Medeco are a couple of good brands. Being a Realtor, I’m in houses all the time. It is very seldom that I see a door knob/lock that has been upgraded. Almost every one has been there since the house was built – and have builder-grade hardware on the doors. Boost your home security today!

Break one pane and they’re in!

4 – Do you have one of those beautiful sidelites on your front door? They let in a lot of natural light – but guess what? It’s so easy for someone to break out just one of them – reach in and unlock your door. Then walk right in like he owns the place. At least put some safety window film on them.

5 – I hate to say this – but even with longer screws and a good deadbolt – there is another problem! Have you ever heard of Bump Keys? With a bump key, a criminal actually has the key to your door! You can buy them just about anywhere – and learn how to use them on the internet. Google it for yourself and you will see how easy this is. I found a solution to this and it’s called a ‘door bull’. So simple that you can install it yourself. Watch this short video and see how it works…

I sell these door bulls because I believe in them so much. If you would like to purchase for yourself, just call me at 615-428-8500. I’ll get them right to you.

Boost Window Security

6 – Check out the home improvement center for screws that are easily installed into your windows. This will keep someone from just opening the window and crawling in. Or simply cut a piece of wood and stand it upright above your bottom window. It will do the same thing.

7 – Window Film! You can buy the film online and do this job yourself. But, I’ll tell you – it’s a pain. If you can afford it, have it installed. But, if money is tight – just do it. It’s well worth the trouble. It’s clear and you don’t even notice that it’s there. Take a look at this quick demonstration…

8 – Plant some thorny bushes or shrubbery outside any vulnerable windows can boost home security. Criminals are lazy and like to take the easy way – and climbing through thorns isn’t much fun for them.

9 – Don’t forget those patio doors/windows. They are very vulnerable. Many people put a piece of wood or a broom handle down in the sliding groove that prevents it from being slid open. This is truly a good place for the security window film.

The 10-Second Garage Door Break In

10 – Yes, in seconds someone could be inside your house and you wouldn’t even know it. I hate to give you another video, but it’s the best way for you to see how this is done.

The 10-Second Garage Door Break-In and So Easy to Fix

11 – Also – don’t forget the pedestrian door into your garage. Put film and a door bull on this door for sure!

Secure the Outside of Your Home

12 – This is just plain common sense. Lock up your tools in a shed or outbuilding. Don’t allow criminals to use your own tools to break into your house. Put ladders away so someone can’t use them to climb into your house.

13– Motion detectors are fairly inexpensive. And a surveillance camera is even better.

14 – Trash – If you buy a nice big flat-screen TV – or new anything – don’t put the box out by the trash. Anyone driving by can immediately see that you have something worth stealing inside.

What about a Safe Room?

Safe rooms can be as elaborate and expensive as you want to make them, but anything is better than nothing! Think about the layout of your house and determine which room would be easy for your family to get to in case of an emergency. Strengthen the door with the long screws and a Door Bull. Make sure there is a cell phone and maybe some supplies in there in case you need them. Put some bottles of drinking water in the closet just in case.

Weapons? What is your skill level? What are you comfortable with? Make sure your family is safe from intruders, but also safe from anything that could hurt them inside the house.

Remember that home security starts with you! Nothing is 100% foolproof, but arming yourself with these 14 Ways to Boost Home Security can be a good start to keep your family safe!

14 Ways to Boost Home Security Without Spending a Fortune

Ways to Boost Home Security with Common-Sense advice.

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